Traditional drawing and illustration are skills that I've been developing over the years. More recently they've been skills that I've used in creating and designing digital art work.

In this gallery I display some of my recent portraiture paintings. I do these because I like to challenge myself in capturing the likeness and the realism of people and animals.

Portrait study. Photo courtesy Yuvraj Singh. | Adobe Photoshop

Quick study. Childhood photo of a friend. | Adobe Photoshop

Portrait study. Actress Inger Stevens circa 1950's. | Adobe Photoshop

Portrait study. Young lady from tropics stock photo. | Adobe Photoshop

Portrait study of friend with photo reference. | Adobe Photoshop

Cartoon cubes of various elements. | Adobe Illustrator

Evolution of a grass type monster. | Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Quick rendering of a tiger. | Adobe Photoshop

One of my cool little nephews with photo reference. | Adobe Photoshop

A rendering of a young Brando. | Adobe Photoshop

Portrait of a lovely lady with photo reference. | Adobe Photoshop

A quick rendering of a robot's head. A study in light and shading. | Adobe Photoshop

Street Fighter's Dan. He always seems upset. | Adobe Photoshop

A rendering of a type of rhinoceros beetle. | Adobe Photoshop

Street Fighter's Ken. | Adobe Photoshop

The family crest of an acquaintance. It was completely redone because the original was of poor quality. | Adobe Illustrator