Unit Conversion App

These screens are mock-ups for a simple application for converting units of measurement. The designs are intended for iOS 7 and the iPhone 5 model.

Per traditional life-cycle of concept to final product, the app is first initialized with the idea on paper. From then, paper to digital—mocking up screens in Photoshop.

Getting a better idea of the concept from the transition from the rough to final design, I modify and refine the interface and aesthetics. Also, keeping in mind on how well the user will be able to accomplish his or her needs with the app. This will be made more apparent during the testing phase of the product.

Initial concept starts with the idea on paper.

Mock-ups of the application are made in Photoshop. Other visual assets of the app are also mocked up in Photoshop.

The final look of the app, ready to enter a number of units. Tapping the weight unit on the left brings up a scroll wheel to select a new weight unit.