Infographic: Candy Distribution

I thought it would be fun and interesting to design an infograhic that shows the average colors or flavors for certain packages of candy. For these cases I used those movie theater style boxes you can usually find at a grocery store for about a dollar a piece.

I couldn't really find how many packages I would need to find a clear and scientific average when I was researching (very little of) this. I wasn't going to go as far as buying a whole case of SweeTarts or go as little as only two packages. I figured five packages could at least give me an idea what's going on in each one.

The idea was to display the data for each package in their expected and respective graphs. However, though, I wanted the graphs to be aligned in a forshortened way that they looked like they were standing in 3D space. And looking at them across horizontally you can see how each flavor or color varies from package to package. So each data point of color going across is a whole other graph in itself. I'm not sure if this is the best way to convey the idea but I do think it comes through okay.

Resee's Pieces

I was a little surprised that there are only three colors available for Reese's Pieces. I thought there were at least five colors that mostly consisted of different shades of brown . Yet there's only one color for brown. And even more surprising, to me at least, is how much orange there is! But the colors were pretty consistent in every box.

SweeTarts Original

SweeTarts are up there as almost being my all time favorite candy of all time. Looking at the chart though it looks like there's very little of my favorite favor which is cherry :(

SweeTarts Mini Chewy

I like these as but not as much as the original SweeTarts. But what's this?! Why is cherry the most dominant flavor here?!