Role: Front-end developer, web and interface designer

J-Accomplish is a set of web-based tools designed to enhance the efficiency of complex organizations.

For the public product web site, I utilized the J-Accomplish logo which I had designed to expand on the product brand to a marketable level, along with the representation of the complex web application itself. From the initial mock ups to full deployment, I created the entire site. Standard HTML and CSS scripting utilized. Also jQuery library for cycling slides and lightbox gallery.

For the J-Accomplish product itself, I collaborated with the developers to design the interface for the established business logic. Much of the front-end interactivity was written by me utilizing JavaScript and jQuery libraries.

The product web site is no longer active.

The home page of the J-Accomplish web site.

A screen of a subsequent page of the web site. jQuery was utilized for the interactivity on this page.

The home screen of the J-Accomplish web application system.

A standard menu for one of the main sections of the J-Accomplish system.